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Gardening outside the lines.

Sarah Hartman-Caverly

Sarah's first garden was a collection of rescued houseplants left by other students on dorm move-out day after her freshman year of college. Her edible gardening adventure began with a potted mint plant kept on the fire escape of a second-story walk-up apartment, followed by a 9'x6' raised-bed garden installed in the postage-stamp yard of a rented duplex a few years later. She was bitten by the gardening bug (along with many others!) and has felt called to the land ever since. Her interests include:

Soil Health

  • Soil testing (Ph, N/P/K) and amendments
  • Composting (contained and in-situ aka sheet composting or lasagna gardening)
  • Biochar
  • Vermiculture

Kitchen Gardening

  • Seed-to-harvest, seed saving
  • Natural pest, disease, and weed management
  • Companion planting, succession planting and multi-season gardening
  • Container gardening
  • Garden-to-table eats and treats

Permaculture and Habitat Gardening

  • Native and edible perennials; foodscaping
  • Pollinator gardens
  • Bird sanctuaries
  • Natural turf management and no-mow lawns

Horticultural Therapy

  • Garden spa workshops for clubs, support groups, couples, and private events


  • Wild edible plants
  • Edible perennials
  • Plant-based healing and preventive care

Small Livestock

  • Raising dual-purpose chicken breeds for eggs and meat

Sarah maintains the edible and ornamental gardens, composting systems, and poultry flock; performs light carpentry and is the Satoyama Webmistress. In addition to her labors of love at Satoyama, Sarah is a certified Master Gardener and an academic librarian with professional experience in teaching, research, project management, event planning, software management, information architecture, and UX design.

Will Caverly

Will Caverly, resident apiculturist and general layabout at Satoyama Homestead, arrived at his interest in bees when his friend Rob told him honey was bee barf. He enjoys big harvests and long hikes in the woods. Will has been described by some as "outdoorsy," and his doctor once said he had an "active lifestyle." Self-declaring a rank of Ranger, he barely graduated from being a Webelo, instead using his time in Boy Scouts to learn to start fires and general insurrection. Will writes fiction, splits wood, and tans hides in his spare time. Nothing makes him happier than home.